Application Process for Your Solar Project

Ameren Missouri must review your renewable project before operation/installation to determine whether the renewable system could adversely affect the safety, reliability or quality of the local electric utility service. See the Ameren Service Manual for technical requirements reference. Also see recent Residential Meter Socket Change Information.Please refer to Net Metering Application/Agreement and the Net Metering Requirements Checklist when completing the application steps. 

View the complete Net Metering Tariff (which includes prices for excess energy).

bulletAmeren Missouri reviews net metering application system designs and replies to the customer within 30 days (10 kilowatt (kW) and below systems) or 90 days (11 kW - 100 kW systems).

bulletIf more information is needed, Ameren Missouri contacts the installer via email to request specific information.  The 30 or 90 days to reply does not begin until all information is received.

bulletWhen the system is approved, Ameren Missouri will email the customer and installer a design approval letter that approves the customer to proceed with system installation.



apply now

MAIL original completed Sections A-D, one-line drawing for renewable system and specification sheets for inverter and solar panels or wind turbine to:
Ameren Missouri Renewables

1901 Chouteau Avenue
MC 1450
Saint Louis, MO 63103

*If your email address changes, please notify Ameren Missouri Renewables with the updated information. 

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